Time & Attendance

Zenefits Time and Attendance lets you control how your employees clock in and out hourly – via iPad, mobile, or laptop – all of which are easy to use and integrate automatically with payroll.

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Make every hour count.
Sync hours across apps.

Seamlessly integrated

The Time & Attendance app pushes hours worked data across other apps in the Zenefits platform, including Payroll and ACA Compliance. Likewise, relevant data, such as PTO hours and employment status, is shared back with Time & Attendance.

Stay compliant.

ACA compliance

Zenefits pushes data from the Time & Attendance app directly into the ACA Compliance app to help you stay compliant with the Employer Shared Responsibility provisions of the ACA.

Overtime compliance

Enjoy pre-configured overtime calculations to help you comply with state wage and hour laws, no matter where you’re located. As soon as an employee works the requisite threshold, we’ll calculate and categorize their overtime hours automatically.

View when employees are out.

Time-tracking HQ

The Zenefits dashboard is your time-tracking HQ. See who’s clocked in and out in real-time. Get a snapshot of hours worked each pay period. Track hours based on project codes. And view an up-to-date timeline of important deadlines so nothing slips through the cracks.

Time card fraud protections

Our TimeKeeper iPad app snaps pictures of your employees as they clock in and out to help guard against potential time card fraud. And when an administrator or manager makes corrections to an employee’s hours, the Zenefits system flags the entry to indicate who modified it and when.


Customer Testimonials

"I see this as a big time saver. The biggest part of Zenefits that people use is PTO and having it on their phone is going to be very helpful. From a day-in-the-life scenario, this can really have a big impact on people."

Michael Griffin, Studio O+A

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