Time management in no time at all.

Time Off

Spend less time managing employee time off.

The Zenefits Time Off app allows administrators and managers to efficiently track and manage time off requests. Review and approve vacation requests, sick leave, and more – all online, all in a matter of seconds.

Zenefits HR Hiring Product

Time & Attendance

Making every hour count.

The Zenefits Time & Attendance app streamlines the way companies track and manage time for employees. With pre-configured overtime calculations, time card fraud safeguards, and mobile clock-in/clock-out, employees get to report hours accurately and painlessly, while you get peace of mind.

Zenefits HR Hiring Product

Time for Mobile

Take your time, anywhere.

The Zenefits Mobile app lets employees submit hours and request time off while on the go. It's smoother, faster, and more convenient.

Zenefits HR Hiring Product

Customer Testimonials

"In business, there’s a high risk of data errors and non-compliance. With Zenefits, everything is saved and documented properly in the portal. It’s definitely a significant savings and lowers our risk profile significantly."

Eric Bevan, VP Finance at TATCHA

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