Focus on your people, not your payroll.

While employees go about their day — clocking in and out, requesting vacation, changing their benefit selections, and performing a host of other HR actions — Zenefits Payroll automatically makes those changes in payroll and crunches the numbers for you. It’s efficient and flexible, so you can be, too.

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Refreshingly efficient, reliably accurate.
Make payroll effortless.

A single system

Manage payroll in the same place as your HR, benefits, and time-tracking.

Automatic upkeep

Changes made elsewhere in Zenefits flow directly into payroll.

Automatic proration

New hires get added straight to payroll, their first paycheck prorated.

Automatic tax filing

Federal and state tax filings, plus W2s for your employees, come included.

Payroll Timeline

Pinpoint a specific change that affected an employee's paycheck.

Three-click pay runs

A simple, intuitive interface lets you run payroll efficiently.

Zenefits Payroll Product

Customer Testimonials

“With Zenefits Payroll, I'm saving probably about four or five hours every pay run. It takes me about a half an hour to run payroll now...I don't even look at deductions any more."

Seth Brown, SPEAR Physical Therapy



Zenefits Pay Connect

Want to keep your current provider? We’ll make it easier to run.


Time Off

Simplify the way your company tracks and manages time off.


Time & Attendance

Streamline time entry and recordkeeping for your employees.

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