One-click vacation approvals.

Integrated with payroll, the Time Off app allows admins to easily, accurately approve time-off requests with a single click. And for employees, access to this mobile-friendly app means requesting time off is equally efficient.

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Track vacation time in no time.
Review time off requests from anywhere.

Single workflow

Automate your time-off processes and consolidate requests, approvals, accruals, and balances into a single workflow to minimize errors and oversights.

Employee self-service

Employees can request time off and report sick days directly through the Zenefits dashboard or the Zenefits Mobile app.

Electronic approval

Admins and managers can approve or deny requests from their Zenefits dashboard or directly through email with a single click.

Easily view time off.

Real-time insight into employee time off

Administrators and managers can see upcoming employee availability and make better scheduling decisions, while employees can view how much time off they’ve accrued or used.

Integration with Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook

It’s also easy to define company-wide holidays and set up a time off calendar to share with everyone through apps like Google, iCal and Outlook, that are integrated into your Zenefits dashboard.

Sync balances and liabilities.

In-sync employee data

The Time Off app shares data with other Zenefits apps, including Payroll and Time & Attendance. Those apps return the favor by pushing updates to Time Off. So new hires are added to the correct time off policy, and when employees leave, accrued but unused time off is calculated and included in their final paycheck.

Customize your time-off policy.

Pre-packaged and customizable time off policies

Don’t have an existing time off policy? We offer pre-packaged options. Want to create your own policy? Our user-friendly setup wizard guides you through the process and provides a range of configurations such as accrual rates, carryover caps, waiting periods, and more.


Customer Testimonials

“Our employees love it. They have a place to go to to request PTO, and it also gives us visibility into how much time employees are taking off.”

Tope Awotona, CEO, Calendly

“It's super simple (to request time off). I can go in there, put exactly how much time I want off, exactly why and it shoots it right over to my manager for approval. I get notified when it's approved. There's no back and forth or anything.”

Megan Shehan, Principal Account Manager, Elev8 Hire Solutions

“The feature that's made the biggest improvement in the lives of our teachers has been PTO tracking. Before, it was all paper-based and papers were getting lost, which led to last minute scrambles to get substitute teachers in. Now it's a fully streamlined process.”

Tim Cailloux, Treasurer & CFO, ChatHills Charter School

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