Life happens outside the office. Now your employees can bring HR with them. With the Zenefits Mobile app they can pull up insurance information, review pay stubs, submit a vacation request, clock-in/clock-out, and more — all on their iPhone or Android smartphone.

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View Insurance details

At the doctor’s office and forgot your insurance card? Use the Zenefits Mobile app to pull up your benefits information right on your phone.

Make time off requests

Quickly view your time off policy, see how much time off you have remaining, then submit a request with a few swipes and taps on your phone. It’s that simple.


Review balances & paystubs

View account balances for flex benefits and order replacement cards if needed. For Zenefits Payroll users, it’s also easy to access and view pay stubs securely.

Company directory

View your company’s employee directory. Call, email or text any of your coworkers with a tap.

Complete critical HR tasks

Use the mobile Inbox to easily complete critical HR tasks on your phone. Hourly employees can also clock-in and clock-out through the mobile app.

Mobile time clock

Hourly employees who use the Zenefits Time & Attendance app can clock in and out directly from their mobile device, as well as on their desktop, laptop, and through the Timekeeper iPad app.



“I see this as a big time saver. The biggest part of Zenefits that people use is PTO and having it on their phone is very helpful. From a day-in-the-life scenario, this can really have a big impact on people.”

Michael Griffin, Studio O+A

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