Compensation Management

Compensation Management

Compensation Management

Align your compensation practices with your business goals and quickly make informed, consistent employee salary decisions.

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Salary Insights to Manage Your People Costs.
Create accurate, relevant benchmarks based on actual employee salaries.

Customized Salary Data

Ensure that the data you see is relevant for your company by specifying the industry and geographies you compete in for talent.

Accurate Job Mapping

Map your workforce to a standardized list of roles and experience levels for an apples-to-apples salary comparison with similar positions at other companies.

Quickly and easily assess the health of your compensation practices.

Benchmark Your Entire Workforce

Look across your organization to see where you're overpaying and where you're underpaying.

Confidently set salaries when filling open roles.

Create Custom Salary Benchmarking Reports

Run salary benchmarking reports that customize your data for industry, geography, job, and seniority level to ensure you’re using the most accurate, relevant data to set salary levels for new hires.