A Programmer’s Guide to Microservices & SOA

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Introduction SOA or Service Oriented Architecture has been one of the buzzwords among architects and senior-developers, appearing commonly in job descriptions for the last few years. However, most of the definitions of SOA online are riddled with formal words, such … Read More

Learning Ember by Proxy (ObjectProxy Part I)

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Today we’ll run through a quick example of an ObjectProxy in EmberJS. Our example revolves around Ember’s computed properties, which we have explored in-depth previously on our engineering blog here. Imagine we have an Employee model that’s a core model … Read More

Async ‘N Sync: This I Promise You (Promises Part I)

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From the perspective of its fundamental language features (many argue bugs!), Javascript’s current day popularity comes as a total surprise. Closures, the keyword this, and prototypal inheritance may be confusing concepts to newcomers and odd opinions to experienced programmers new … Read More

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