Health Savings Account

Give your employees a helping hand by providing them tax-advantaged Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). With Zenefits, enrolling in HSAs is a snap. All participants receive a debit card, and employees can track and manage their funds through our online dashboard.

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Contribute to your future.
Elevate the employee experience.

Rewarding employees

HSAs are popular because they let your staff save money for future medical expenses in a tax-advantaged way. And unlike FSAs, HSA accounts are owned by the employee, not the company — which means funds can accumulate over time without being forfeited.

Intuitive employee experience

Employees can sign up for an HSA account in just minutes online, and they receive a Zenefits card to pay for their eligible expenses.

Zenefits HR Hiring Product
Check your balance.

Visibility and on-the-go access

Employees can keep an eye on their available balances and request new or replacement cards — all from a computer or the Zenefits Mobile app.

Zenefits HR Hiring Product
Automate any busy work.

Sync information for an effortless experience

Managing your company’s HSAs through Zenefits means key information can be shared with other Zenefits apps across the platform, so the whole process is painless for both you and your employees.

  • HR: Employees can easily sign up for HSAs during open enrollment or any time after their HSA plan begins.
  • Benefit Management: Our system removes any human error, so Zenefits cards are always sent to the correct address and reimbursements are credited to the right bank account.
  • Payroll: Benefit deductions are calculated and updated for you in payroll.
Zenefits HR Hiring Product
Ease the hard work of compliance.

Built-in compliance

Zenefits helps you with the hard work of compliance — proactively pushing important legal notices to you and your employees, providing easy-to-use online tools, syncing with your insurance carriers, and storing the benefits notices in an online document library.

Zenefits HR Hiring Product

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